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S.J.D. Panel- A Variety of Paths (Hosted by "Law as Science")

Every S.J.D. Students have his/her unique design of paths, and each of their journeys is worth sharing. “An S.J.D. Panel- A Variety of Paths” is an event organized by “Law as Science,” an online academic legal learning community. We are thrilled to invite three S.J.D. Candidates to share their diverse experiences: Assaf Harpaz has an article published in “The Yale Journal of International Law” and will talk about what makes a “good” law review article. Paola G. Zaragoza Cardenales recently passed the N.Y. bar exam and will speak about her preparation process. Rowland ATTA-KESSON will present doing empirical legal research as a research method with his dissertation’s field research experience.

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