Barbie: Un Aprendizaje Sobre Propiedad Intelectual

May 15, 2024

In the blog post "Barbie: un aprendizaje sobre propiedad intelectual," Lcda. Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales shares her expertise on navigating intellectual property rights in high-profile projects, like securing permissions from a company such as Mattel for creating a Barbie movie. Her discussion with Microjuris covers how these rights are obtained, the intricacies involved in managing such deals, and other key intellectual property topics.

Lcda. Zaragoza Cardenales delves into the complexities of licensing agreements, including royalty clauses, NDAs, and the full gamut of IP rights, using the example of the Barbie brand. She explains how Mattel's protective stance over Barbie influences decisions on collaborations and how the recent Barbie movie is part of a strategic rebranding effort.

Furthermore, she addresses a trademark infringement case involving Rap Snacks and Mattel, where the snack company's "Barbie-Que Honey Truffle" chips led to legal action. Her analysis covers the critical aspects of such litigation, including the likelihood of consumer confusion and the strategic use of brand elements.

This article offers a deep dive into the strategic use of intellectual property in marketing and product development, providing valuable insights for businesses and legal professionals alike. For a more detailed exploration of these issues and strategic insights from Lcda. Zaragoza Cardenales, read the full article on Microjuris's blog.

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