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Paola Zaragoza Cardenales is not your ordinary attorney. Combining her extensive legal expertise with a unique flair for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Paola offers comprehensive support in intellectual property and entrepreneurship. Her services resonate with those seeking accessible and empathetic representation, especially within the complex realm of intellectual property.
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Unique Blend of Experience

Starting in 2008, Paola launched her journey with 'Culinary Road Trips Puerto Rico', a venture that sparked her interest in intellectual property. This led her to work on a thesis on Geographical Indicators and later, secure an internship at the esteemed World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This unique blend of real-world experience and academic rigor informs her empathetic, tailored approach to providing legal support.

Versatile Expertise

Over the years, Paola has served in various capacities, honing her skills in different aspects of law. She's worked with multiple clients as a self-employed legal consultant, interned at the U.S. House of Representatives, and supported judicial processes at the United States District Court of Puerto Rico. Each role has enriched her understanding of law and policy, making her well-equipped to handle a wide array of legal concerns.

Passion for Sharing Knowledge

Beyond her work in legal services, Paola has shared her insights at various prestigious platforms, including the Georgetown Law SJD Roundtable and the University of Edinburgh Law PHD Conference. Her presentations continue to enlighten audiences on critical matters of intellectual property and entrepreneurial law.

Currently, Paola further contributes to the academic community as a Professor at the University of Puerto Rico's Rio Piedras Campus, where she teaches Introduction to Intellectual Property. In addition, she holds a prominent position as the Coordinator for the Master's Department of Law and International Programs, ensuring the excellence and growth of the program. This dual role in academia underlines her commitment not just to practicing law, but also to imparting her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of legal professionals.

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Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to navigate the intricate world of intellectual property, or an organization seeking an informed, engaging speaker, Paola Zaragoza Cardenales is ready to assist. Contact her today to learn more about her services and how she can help you.

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