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National Academy of Continuing Legal Education

IP9100 - A Primer on Trademarks: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

About This Course In today’s digital world, trademark protection is increasingly critical and complex. This fascinating CLE course will delve into the issue of trademark and over all of the basics issues needed to understand and protect trademarks. The course will explain what trademarks are, review the different types, and explain which terms or images are registrable, the benefits to registered trademarks and how to best prevent infringement. The registration process and available resources will also be presented.

Lecturer Bio Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales, Esq. Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales is a New York bar attorney and has an SJD from Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer Law. She has an LLM from UC Berkeley and a JD-BBA from the University of Puerto. She has worked as a law clerk and accounting assistant in places such as the Federal District Court of Puerto Rico, Toyota, and Nissan. Her goal is to have her intellectual property law firm and become a professor running a Law Clinic, both geared to helping those who lack the resources to pay for legal services. She runs a gluten-free gastronomic tourism blog called Culinary Road Trips Puerto Rico, publishing written and video posts. Her passions outside law and food are hiking, painting, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She is a mentor to other students, started a pro bono for domestic violence prevention, participated in two Law Clinics, and led student class directives. She also published various intellectual property and corporate law articles in Puerto Rico's leading newspaper, the University of Puerto Rico's Law School Journal, and independent magazines.

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