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September 18, 2023

Gregg Williamson is the only artisan eyeglass maker in Puerto Rico.

He makes very unique pieces personalized to your style.

These eyeglasses are pure artistry and no one else will have one of these.

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Gregg does eyeglasses, sunglasses and eyeglass-sunglass hybrids.

He has worked with various materials from wood, steel, plastic, acrylic, recycled materials, and much more.                   

The products are environmentally friendly because he produces almost no waste and makes sure to recycle as much as possible.

The process starts with coordinating a meeting with Gregg where he takes measurements and photos of your face.

He also interviews you to see what you do professionally, hobbies, personality, dress style, and other things that makes you, you to be able to do a sketch.

Also, he asks you what existing eyeglass styles you like, colors, and materials.

At the end of he meeting if you decide to go ahead and make the glasses you have to pay $200, so he can be able to get the materials.

When he delivers the final product you pay the rest (usually $200).

He will make a rough sketch at the end of the meeting and will update you with a final sketch.

The final sketch is a digital rendering of the eyeglasses put in front of the photo he took in the meeting.

We will send updates on his work so you can make any modifications along the way if you like.

You can also see his Instagram story to see him in action.

The end product is some awesome glasses with a unique wooden leather case.

He also posts his creation on Instagram.

Gregg has a very flexible schedule so he can meet at any place you want, he even delivers the glasses personally or by mail.

He even notifies you if he is behind on his work.

I’ve also meet some happy clients it the initial meeting, which was nice because you really get a hyped up for your eyeglass.

It’s also really good to see the full process from start to finish and the love, time and effort put in to these glasses.

The glasses are fully functional in the sense that you are able to put prescription.

You can also just have them as decorative-accessory glasses.

He has a list of ophthalmologists and eyeglass centers to refer but you are able to use your own ophthalmologist and eye center.

I decided to buy Gregg two eyeglasses. The purple color ones are mine and the nude color ones are my mom’s.

The purple eyeglasses have a geometric shape, red-gold sparkle accent and bold thick legs.

The nude are reminiscent of a vintage 60’s style, blue-gray-purple mosaic accent and dropped down legs that have purple color ends.

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