2022 - 2023 Research Skills Series Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, St Augustine

September 18, 2023

Zvi Rosen, Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University – ‘Conducting Archival Research’ and Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales, Geographical Indicators and Certification Marks Specialist – ‘Conducting a Country-wide case study; DelPaís in Puerto Rice’.

I met both Zvi and Paola at WIPIP2022 in St Louis. Zvi's presentation that looked at 'Examining Copyright' was based on a deep dive into the US copyright archives. Paola presented her thesis (since awarded!) on how different industries in Puerto Rico were using the DelPais country mark. I found the methodologies for both of their presentations to be very well explained and I am sure tomorrow's attendants will benefit from their expertise.

Paola made apparent the disconnect between rigid rules and the community that is relying on IP for economic development. Her advice on writing for the layperson to understand was much appreciated.

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